Saturdayland Beans 1, [Ages 5-6], Sep 11 – Dec 25 (Sat 2:00PM) @ Nakameguro


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Course Summary

For ages 5-6

Kids use coding tools to explore how to make basic communications in English, focusing on pronunciation as well as identifying vocabulary describing feelings, body and nature.


  • Suitable for children who are beginners in both coding and the english language
  • Gain the ability to read through the introduction to phonics.
  • Learn basic programming skills from Beebots to  Scratch Jr.
  • Practice storytelling with acquired words and coding ability with the use of infrastructure in Saturdayland.

All you need to know

We do understand that many would think that its a huge deal for a 5-6 years old to effectively learn coding and English at the same time.  At Saturday kids, we understand the mindset of a 5-6 year old and engages them in play based learning because we know kids learn best when they think its playtime.

In this beginners course, our aim is to get our preschoolers used to being immersed in an English speaking environment, to understand instructions, to ask questions, to communicate with friends as well as to present their thoughts all in English. The output from that learning will then be their ability to program robots, build animations and collaborate with their classmates to complete projects.

At the end of the day, our aim is to get them creative with code and discover the wonders of tech – inventing the future starts right here.

What You’ll Create

For English:

The basic to learning a new language is through confidence and also lots of practice. With pre-schoolers, it is a good time for them not only to be immersed in an english speaking environment, but also the chance to put what they have learnt immediately into good use.

The focus in module 1 would be: Survival Phrases, Phonics(a-z), 80words[feelings, body, nature]

The kids would be taught words related to their everyday and also how they are put into coding concepts will only reinforce the comprehension and also practice in the right context.

Simple descriptives would help build their vocabulary and that will support their ability to carry on conversations in English.

For Coding:

The kid would be exposed to a few coding tools in this module, i.e. the BeeBot and also Scratch Jr. Both aims to teach kids coding concepts through logical and tangible programming.

Beebot is an award-winning little robot that introduces young kids to programming concepts, directional skills, math and more.

Kids build on their critical thinking and literacy, meshing their creativity and technical understanding by programming BeeBot to dance and draw cool geometrical shapes and most of all complete an exciting quest that they’ve imagined and designed with their friends

Next, kids translate the tangible programming concepts they’ve learned onscreen with Scratch Jr.

Tinkering with the introductory programming language specially designed for young children, kids learn to code on an iPad, snappin’ programming blocks together to create projects. Specific concepts learnt in this module will include programming concept such as grow&shrink, hide&show, and loop.

“At SK, we’re all about helping kids explore their creativity and to help them express it. The activities are made to be fun for the kids and we help to find their voice by encouraging to try communicating with us with everything they know.”

Ainaa Sakinah, lead instructor for Saturdayland

What Comes After

Saturdayland Explorer Beans is a 4 module program that can inspire and motivate kids into becoming better thinkers and English speakers.


No lectures. No memorisation. No ONE right answer. Like real life, we're all about trying things out yourself, failing, figuring what went wrong & trying again. These are the skills & mindset that will last a lifetime and how we learn in real life. Let's get kids to learn how to learn. Because the kids who learn to learn become curious, inventive, resourceful human beings who solve real world problems to make a meaningful impact.


対象年齢 5-6 歳


  • プログラミングと英語、いずれも初心者のお子さまにおすすめです
  • フォニックスのスキルを習得できます
  • Beebots と  Scratch Jr.を使い、基礎的なプログラミングのスキルを習得できます
  • サタデーランド内で、これまでに培ったプログラミング力と、知っている言葉を使って読み聞かせの練習をしましょう。


5~6歳の子どもたちが、プログラミングと英語を同時に学ぶのは大変なのでは、と思われるかもしれません。  サタデーキッズでは、机に座って受動的に学ばせるのではなく、5~6歳の子どもたちのマインドセットを理解して、遊びをベースにした学習に取り組んでもらいます。それは、この方法が一番この年頃の子どもたちが自然にスキルを習得するからなのです。






モジュール①のコンテンツ: 日常よく使うフレーズ、フォニックス(aからz)、80個の単語(感情、体、自然に関するもの)







次に子どもたちは習得した実践的なプログラミングのコンセプトをScratch Jr.で活用します。