Saturdayland: Coding x English

PALIS x Saturday Kids
Strawbots: Coding x English Classes starting September!

Kickstart your journey into the creative world of robotics, while learning to speak clear and confident English!

Introducing Strawbots, the first module in our Saturdayland: Coding x English series.

In this 12-week series, kids learn to use Strawbees connectors and straws to build 3D shapes and structures – beginning from simple pyramids and cubes, then moving on to increasingly complex swings, bridges and buildings – as they design and create their very own Saturdayland!

At the same time, we’ll get started on the basics of coding, using Scratch Jr. and the Strawbees block-based programming interface. Code motors to rotate and LED lights to blink… and watch Saturdayland come alive before your very eyes!

We’ll also get to know the people and places of Saturdayland. What goes on in your Saturdayland home? Who are the friends we meet at the playground? What happens at the neighbourhood clinic – and what’s on sale at the Saturdayland supermarket today?

From greetings, to questions, to storytelling, our little Saturdayland town is the perfect setting for developing confidence in natural spoken English!

“Being able to express my ideas in English makes me more confident!”
“Learning English helps me code more, and better!”
“In both programming and English, it’s fine to make mistakes – that’s how we learn!”
“Kids learn better through play!”

Program details

Recommended age
7-9 year olds
No coding experience required
Beginning English speakers welcome
90 min weekly classes
Saturday or Sunday, starting Sept 7
11:00AM-12:30PM or 14:00PM-15:30PM
Ebisu Garden Place 2F
Ebisu 4-20-7, Shibuya
Access: 5 mins from Ebisu Station (JR, Tokyo Metro Hibiya line)
¥25,000/ month (tax included)
10% discount for Poppins students

To enrol, contact PALIS at 03-5791-2105, or email

Lesson structure

Part 1 – Welcome, Recap and Today’s Lesson (15 mins)

Warm up! Exchange greetings with your teacher and classmates and review last week’s lesson. Then let’s see what we’ll learn today, including new English vocabulary and phrases!

Part 2 – Time to Build and Code! (45 mins)

Learn to use Strawbees connectors and straws to build simple 3D shapes and structures. Soon you’ll be building bridges, playground swings, even robot friends, as we get to know the people and places of Saturdayland!
We’ll also get started on the basics of coding, using Scratch Jr. and the Strawbees block-based programming interface. Combine the two to make Saturdayland come alive!

Part 3 – English Review and Practice (30 mins)

Time to share! Tell us your neighbourhood story using today’s words and phrases. We’ll help you along the way, with stories, art and craft, and role play! Every four weeks, parents are invited to come join in the fun too!

Sample WordsSample Phrases
ShapesPlacesGreetings“I can…”
ColoursPeople“This is…”“Can you…?”
NumbersMovement“I want to…”“If… then”

Part 4 – Continue the Learning at Home!

After every lesson, bring back a recap list to help review your class learnings in both coding and English. Access classroom videos and materials online, and share with your parents. We’ll even include ideas for some fun activities at home!

About Saturdayland: Coding x English

Welcome to Saturdayland, an exciting, ever-growing world where people and robots live, work, play and explore together!

The Saturdayland: Coding x English series has been jointly developed by coding and ESL (English as a Second Language) specialists at Saturday Kids.

It’s time to rethink how kids learn English

Traditional language learning often focusing on memorising grammar and vocabulary with a view to passing level tests or obtaining certifications. Demonstrating ability in reading and writing is usually emphasised in such standard examinations.

We believe this traditional approach falls short in several ways:

  • Children who do well on standard language tests often still lack practice to speak, or sufficiently strong listening skills, to effectively operate in an environment where the language is spoken (e.g. in conversations with a native speaker, or when traveling on holiday)
  • As children associate the language with assessment, they fear to make mistakes and therefore actively refrain from communicating in that language, thinking “I can’t do it”. Parents, if you’ve ever introduced your child to a native English speaker and encouraged them to converse with that person, you may have noticed that your child is often unwilling to speak, despite all the English enrichment classes they may have attended!
  • Language learning feels forced, taking place purely in the classroom and often without context. As the child does not find the language relevant to their daily life and interests, he or she does not develop a love for the language or an interest in the culture, which limits their desire to learn more on their own

In contrast, we’ve seen how kids in our coding classes – working on projects that they feel passionate about, and supported by an environment that encourages trying new things – naturally develop confidence and enthusiasm in communication.

Kids in our classes talk… A LOT!

This is the basis for our Saturdayland series, and for our Coding x English approach.

Read more about our Coding x English philosophy here.

Who is Saturdayland for?

Saturdayland: Coding x English is a series of ongoing weekly classes, specifically designed to give kids age 5-9 opportunities to practice English in a fun and supportive environment, while picking up useful skills in coding.

It is suitable for children with no coding experience, and for children with little English exposure.

Some comments on our approach to English:

  • The English focus of our classes is on speaking and listening practice – great for younger kids being introduced to English for the first time, or older kids who have yet to learn to read and write!
  • Our emphasis is on creating a positive, encouraging environment for your child to practice natural, conversational English. While the vocabulary introduced may loosely align with the vocabulary covered by popular standard tests such as the Eiken, the classes are not designed to actively prepare your child for such tests. If scoring well on such tests is important to you and your child, we suggest continuing with your current English enrichment arrangement, while coming to Saturdayland to put those skills to practice!

How do we get started in Saturdayland?

Saturdayland: Coding x English classes take place once a week. Each class lasts 90 minutes. Children can enrol on a monthly basis (4 lessons per month), but classes are designed to be ongoing.

Every 8-12 weeks, children learn new groups of specific coding skills (a “module”). These skills are represented in the form of a unique space within Saturdayland.

For example, 5-6 year olds begin their journey in Beetown, where friendly programmable robot Bee-Bot lives. In Strawbots: Coding x English (our starter course for 7-9 year olds), children begin in Saturdayville, their ‘hometown’ in Saturdayland where they will build their house and explore their neighbourhood.

At the start of each module, children are given a map of that module’s mini-world. Lessons are themed to follow their exploration of that world, as they collect stickers and complete challenges to populate that map. In the Saturday Kids spirit of encouraging self-directed and creative learning, children will be encourage to customize their maps too, to create a world that is uniquely theirs!

The world of Saturdayland – like the worlds of coding and English – are ever-growing, and unlimited in their possibilities. Come and join us on a journey of exploration, curiosity and creativity!

To enrol, contact PALIS at 03-5791-2105, or email