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Summer Camps

Saturdayland: Learn Coding & English
Coming in July!

For Beginners in English

COMING SOON: Welcome to Saturdayland – a camp for curious kids to build their world using Coding and English!

Designed just for kids ages 7-14, who are either beginners or proficient in English, to discover the joys of learning and develop confidence in both programming and the English language.

As uncertainties regarding COVID-19 lie ahead, both online and offline classes will be available.

Registrations for the camps launch in July!

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Why Coding

Coding is the digital playground that kids nowadays need. From literacy and arithmetics to creativity and grit, coding cultivates readiness in children for the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – in short VUCA- world we live in.

Coding offers creative liberty

Coding provides the necessary breeding ground for kids’ imagination. They are able to bring their vague ideas and thoughts into substance through code. The possibilities of creative code are practically limitless.

This creative liberty that is offered through code, paired with the triumph that is attained through independent experimentation, pushes the coder in each child to be a thinker and a pioneer.

Coding creates thinkers

Through code, children are taught to take a multi-faceted view on problems and break them down into more chewable portions. They are taught to think both logically and out of the box when they face a challenge that they cannot solve immediately. When a particular problem refuses to be solved easily, coders learn to be resilient. They are encouraged to try again and again until something works out. Values such as grit and resilience are sure to follow young coders into adulthood and prove useful in whatever fields they pursue.

Coding as a medium for play

If you are still unsure of the role that coding will have on young minds, then it is time you stop questioning why coding? and instead ask why not? Besides the social and cognitive growth that coding is able to promote in children, it is most importantly, a medium of play and enjoyment for children. Rest assured, kids who code are not only brilliant but also thrilled and passionate about what they do. It’s time we build skillful, innovative and empathetic kids for the future – through code.

Coding as a stepping stone 
for literacy and arithmetics

It is a well known fact that language learning at a young age boosts a child’s social and academic development. As such, coding is the basic digital literacy that has the power to shape children’s thinking and connect them to the technology that they are surrounded by. When introduced to young minds, coding offers them the experience of learning a new medium while also being a unique and refreshing way to express themselves.

Likewise, it is needless to say that math and coding go hand in hand, yet the amount of impact that coding when young can have on the childs’ mathematics in school is phenomenal. Learning to programme involves many useful skills such as organisation, data-analysis, logic and computation. An active coder is sure to be a skillful mathematics student.

“Children must be taught how to think - not what to think.” Margaret Mead

Why at Saturday Kids,
we believe in Play Based Learning?

It’s all in the Power of Play

“What makes Saturdayland so awesome?” – you might ask. Here’s why.

At Saturday Kids, we believe kids learn best when they are engaged, and there’s no better way to keep kids engaged than by letting them have fun. As such, our learning philosophy and pedagogy are deeply rooted in purposeful play. Curiosity is at the heart of learning through play. Key elements of play such as enjoyment, spontaneity and engagement stem from getting kids curious about an object or a phenomenon. With curiosity, kids become intrinsically motivated to learn, and from that intrinsic motivation comes creativity and imagination.

Besides having fun, play allows them to get their creative juices flowing. Through play, they build their problem solving abilities – a skill vital for the future. Their curious minds are encouraged to ask the right questions and find the perfect solutions. Play and exploration are both essential in kids understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

When children play, they let their minds relax. They can then digest all the new, wonderful things they learn and absorb them better. Play promotes a healthy brain development by strengthening neural connections. As such, our students can keep their minds active and sharp so that they can perform to their fullest potential.

At the end of the day, the reason that play is so special in Saturday kids is because they play for themselves. There are no benchmarks to how much fun you can have and no standards to upkeep. When you play, the possibilities of learning are endless!