Come and join us on a journey of exploration, curiosity and creativity!


An exciting, ever-growing world where people and robots live, work, play and explore together!

Saturdayland is a course specially designed for learning Coding and ESL (English as a Second Language)

Sample lesson


It has become more important for Japanese students to be proficient with both coding and English.

Saturdayland was initially designed for Japanese students that are only just starting out to learn English. Through our Saturdayland program, students are able to learn more efficiently by:

Retaining more vocabulary by repetition
Immersing in an English only environment
Improving listening and speaking skills through practical conversations

Here in Saturdayland, citizens of Saturdayland (affectionately known as Saturdaylanders) go about their days creating with technology and speaking in clear, natural English. The more they create and the more they communicate, the larger Saturdayland grows!

The key to their success? A unique culture that emphasizes curiosity and creativity, and that encourages trying new things and not being afraid of making mistakes! It’s because of this culture that Saturdayland has earned the nickname “Playground for the Future”, and constantly ranks #1 in Citizen Happiness Rankings!

Saturdayland isn’t just a place to visit, it’s a world that YOU can build too, with the power of coding and English!

Who should visit?

Everyone who loves learning should make a visit to Saturdayland! Saturdayland especially welcomes kids age 7-14, and parents and schools interested in making STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) education exciting, accessible and memorable!




Learn about the history of the oceans at the Saturdayland Aquarium, then create your own virtual ocean using Scratch. Enthusiastic visitors can even help feed the fishes - by designing and programming your own “catch the food” interactive game. Don’t let our friendly sea creatures get hungry!



Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Saturdayland at the Saturdayland Park, especially famous for its resident insects: butterflies, dragonflies, fireflies and beetles! Learn about the body structures of insects, then add to the park population by creating your own robot insect, with light-up LED eyes that blink when programmed!

Fireworks Festival

Fireworks Festival

Saturdaylanders love a celebration, and the nightly Saturdayland Fireworks Festival is one not to be missed! Watch art and technology come together as they combine micro:bit microcontrollers with neopixel lights and programmable sensors, to create a digital art show that will take your breath away. Then create your own!



Not just for movies and musicals, the Saturdayland theatre is where Saturdaylanders come together to present their latest creations. Come watch them share about what they’ve made, how they made it, and the struggles they overcame along the way… then share your own! A truly supportive place where Saturdaylanders celebrate each other's successes, and one of Saturdayland’s finest attractions!


Make friends with the people of Saturdayland with these commonly used Saturday-ben phrases!

Hello! My name is...
A friendly self-introduction makes a huge difference!
This is...
There are so many things to see and do in Saturdayland!
I can make… It can do...
Saturdaylanders love to make cool new things. Show them what you can make, and what it can do… then exchange ideas!
If... then...
Have an idea on how to help a Saturdaylander with one of their projects? Make a helpful suggestion, and carefully explain what difference it will make!

Fun Fact: The word “Failure” doesn’t exist in Saturday-ben! This is because Saturdaylanders see mistakes as a valuable part of learning, and they believe things can always be done right when you try hard (and with a bit of help from friends)!


(Scratch / Strawbees / Micro:bit)

Visitors are often amazed by the constant buzz of technology that powers everyday life in Saturdayland.
In this section, we learn about some of the major technologies on which Saturdayland runs.

I spy…Some of the other tools you might find in Saturdayland



(our teaching methods would include)


Instructors lead kids through an activity by demonstrating and explaining key concepts


Kids are shown a target outcome and are encouraged to find their own solution to achieve a similar outcome


Kids explore different ways to finally come up with their own solutions to a problem


After the course, you will be able to

Proceed to learn block based coding at an intermediate to advance level

Understand basics for robotic engineering, electric engineering, robot making

Increase skills for Creativity, logical thinking, presentation, problem solving

Be eligible to attend coding clubs and contests

Step up to text coding (Python)


(our proprietary method to teach English)

Introducing new vocabulary and phrases and encouraging repetition to get familiarization

Increase listening ability through in-class conversation

Keeping an all English speaking environment in our classrooms

After the course, you will be able to

Increase your ability to speak English with more confidence

Speaking naturally in English with teachers and other students

Realize that repeating same phrases in different situations is the fastest way to improve your ability to speak better English

Ask questions in English when you don’t understand

Keen to start building your Saturdayland world?

Saturday Kids Summer Workshop

Saturdayland workshops will debut this summer holidays. We will be offering both online and offline classes to suit your preference. Class will be held in a small group of students for instructors to understand their progress better. Sign up to receive updates from Saturday Kids and you will be the first to know when we have sorted out timing and locations.

Saturdayland weekly classes start in August 2020. Through regular classes, build on learnings from previous lessons to take on increasingly challenging (and fun!) coding projects, and grow increasingly confident in communicating in English!

At the end of each term, present your projects and share your learning journey with your parents… in English no less!


Lessons Outline

Lessons 1-9: Meet the Saturdaylanders with Scratch!

Now that you’ve made your home in Saturdayland and explored your neighbourhood, it’s time to get to know more about your fellow Saturdaylanders! Who knows, some of them might need your help… can you solve their problems and make Saturdayland a better place for all?

Learn the important concepts in block-based programming, and develop a solid foundation in creating animations and games in Scratch, the world’s most popular introductory programming language for kids.

On the English front, we’ll go deeper into real life conversations, using role play and storytelling, as you explore and make friends throughout the town.

Your Saturdayland journey doesn’t stop there. When it comes to building your world with coding and English, the possibilities are endless! Later lessons will cover micro:bit, creative computing, advanced Scratch… and much more. So pack your bags, and start your Saturdayland journey!

Lessons 10-18: Welcome to Saturdayville! with Strawbees

Start by building your home in Saturdayland’s main town – Saturdayville – and explore the nearby playground, park and more!

Perfect for kids with no coding or English experience, we’ll start by building offline with Strawbees, making increasingly complex 3D structures, then begin block-based coding by learning how to program LED lights and movable motors.

Along the way, learn about common household objects and neighbourhood features in English. Kids will also be introduced to useful phrases for expressing their building ideas, such as “I want to… “, “First… next…”, that are also helpful in everyday life!

Parents love us!

I have never seen my daughter being so enthusiastic, in learning that made her so happy!

Audrey, mother of Vernice

It's always the teachers, my kid loves all his Saturday Kids teachers! When kids are laughing and learning, it's the kind of learning one never forgets.

Ker Sing, father of Preston

Colin absolutely enjoyed the program. He came out of class with shining eyes and said he relished the challenge. Kudos to his teachers for doing a great job engaging him!

Lena, mother of Colin

*Actual parents on Saturday Kids programs

What our school partner said

The quality of [the Saturdayland] curriculum compared to the competition is very clear. We believe that [Saturdayland] is extremely attractive to our students and will not hesitate to recommend your program to our parents.

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