We play for our future through the learning and application of coding and robotics.

At Saturday Kids we embrace that the possibilities for children with the power of programming are endless.   As such, we are committed to impart coding knowledge to kids so they can in turn apply all their knowledge into inventions that would make their future better.

However, we are also very aware of the burdens placed on modern kids, having to spend a huge proportion of their time pursuing academic excellence.  While we are not against being excellent, we are rather skeptical of the results when kids are put in a position to perform against their interest.

Our pedagogy is pretty much about giving our kids the chance to learn through play.  By play in the Saturday Kids way, we mean

What's do we offer at Nakameguro?

Saturday Kids Greenhouse, a year long weekly structured learning for kids aged 5-14

Introduction to Saturday Kids Greenhouse

Introduction to Saturday Kids Greenhouse
Saturday Kids Greenhouse

For kids with coding superpowers, the sky’s the limit. But mastery and growth don’t take place overnight. And as with any skill, it takes consistency and a dedicated community to cultivate a kid’s potential.

At the Saturday Kids Greenhouse, we’re placing our bets on kids in a big way, and we’re in it for the long haul.

In our structured, year-long coding programmes for kids ages 5-14, we’ll keep kids’ eyes on the stars, guide them through regular and progressive practise, and provide a long-term safe space and happy place where they’ll develop not just technical skills, but the soft skills they’ll need to thrive beyond the classroom.

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Saturday Kids Playroom, an all inclusive play space open to every kid

Introduction to Saturday Kids Greenhouse

Introduction to Saturday Kids Greenhouse
Saturday Kids Playroom

We would often hear about how it would be our dream come true, to provide not only the most effective digital literacy education, but also a safe space that allows kids to experiment and play.

In class, while we teach kids coding, what we really encourage is for them to apply their coding knowledge meaningfully into their everyday. Outside the classroom, we believe in the ability of continuous play and experimentation to build confidence in kids and ultimately impact on their growth and development.

The Playroom is beyond just spontaneous play, it is an experience that is only achievable in the environment we have designed.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 3pm – 5pm, just show up and play.  You will always exit the room better off than when you entered!

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We believe in doing our best for the kids

A progressive, structured trajectory to learning

All good things take time – including growth, development and mastery. Kids have so much potential, but this needs to be nurtured in a safe environment so they can flourish and their unique superpowers can emerge.

High-touch, personalized approach

Over the weeks and through the year, we’ll get to know your kids better and personalise their learning experience – all in the name of more impactful learning outcomes for them.

Play-based pedagogy

Kids shouldn’t have to make the choice between learning and play. At the Greenhouse, they’ll get the best of both worlds through play-based learning that combining the benefits of structure and progression and the joys of play.

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“My son was very happy with the lessons and he wants to learn more. I saw him able to learn in a fun way that interests him, I guess that’s most important.”