Parents, we hear you.

We all want our kids to be happy, healthy, and independent, but we also get worried when they ‘fall behind’ their peers. Sometimes, deviating from the norm of all work and no play feels like we’re depriving our kids of a fair chance of success. (Whatever that means.)

At Saturday Kids, we believe there’s another way.

By letting kids be kids, we can help them learn better than ever.
When kids play, their minds are relaxed, they are creative, and unafraid of failure – conditions that are best for learning. Through our play-based curriculum, we teach kids ages 5-14 to code by tapping on their natural learning abilities.

Play smart with code with our flagship coding courses for kids.

Because learning and play aren’t mutually exclusive.

About Saturday Kids

As teachers, anthropologists, geeks, programmers, product designers, mummies, daddies and change-makers, we’ve seen how creativity, technology, and design are being used by people around the world to solve humanity’s problems and impact people’s lives.

We love teaching kids and letting them engage meaningfully with technology. We’ve seen the many amazing things kids can come up with, and want kids to have a chance to use technology as a tool to express their creativity, think critically, solve problems and discover what they’re passionate about. So why not start now?

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