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Weekly coding programmes designed to inspire kids to create purposefully with tech.

For kids with coding superpowers, the sky’s the limit. But mastery and growth don’t take place overnight. And as with any skill, it takes consistency and a dedicated community to cultivate a kid’s potential.

At the Saturday Kids Greenhouse, we’re placing our bets on kids in a big way, and we’re in it for the long haul.

In our structured, year-long coding programmes for kids ages 5-14, we’ll keep kids’ eyes on the stars, guide them through regular and progressive practise, and provide a long-term safe space and happy place where they’ll develop not just technical skills, but the soft skills they’ll need to thrive beyond the classroom.

What's on at the Greenhouse?

Age 5-6

Tots & Tech: Playful Programming for Preschoolers

Tots & Tech: Playful Programming for Preschoolers

Through tangible programming and on-screen coding, preschoolers discover the workings of the digital world while following their curiosity, having fun, and developing a fearless approach to learning.

Tots & Tech

Age 7-10

Coding the Impossible: Foundations in Block-based Code

Coding the Impossible: Foundations in Block-based Code

Inspired by the games that have defined play and childhood through the years, we’ll use games as a lens to learn how to create fun-packed, impactful experiences with block-based code… while having a tonne of fun along the way.

Coding the Impossible

Ages 11-14

Code Meets World: Applied Coding for Big Ideas

Code Meets World: Applied Coding for Big Ideas
Scratch Experience Required

In this intermediate coding programme, kids learn to apply languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript to web-based technologies, while exploring, analyse and communicate the big questions and ideas shaping the world.

Code Meets World

Ages 7-14

Invent the Future with Lego - Construct with Code

Invent the Future with Lego - Construct with Code
Scratch Experience Required

Combine Scratch, LEGO and design thinking to invent the future! Create your very own product prototypes as you explore how tech might be deployed to make a positive impact and tackle some of the world’s most exciting challenges.

Invent the Future with Lego

Our weekly coding classes nurture kids' potential and inspire them to create purposefully with tech.

A progressive, structured trajectory. 🌱

All good things take time – including growth, development and mastery. Kids have so much potential, but this needs to be nurtured in a safe environment so they can flourish and their unique superpowers can emerge.

High-touch, personalised learning. 🌟

Over the weeks and through the year, we’ll get to know your kids better and personalise their learning experience – all in the name of more impactful learning outcomes for them.

Play-based pedagogy. 🎈

Kids shouldn’t have to make the choice between learning and play. At the Greenhouse, they’ll get the best of both worlds through play-based learning that combining the benefits of structure and progression and the joys of play.

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“My son was very happy with the lessons and he wants to learn more. I saw him able to learn in a fun way that interests him, I guess that’s most important.”


Perhaps you have questions...

Saturday Kids Greenhouse is a series of progressive, year-long programmes. Each programme comprises 4 modules, each made up of 8 weekly classes that are 2 hours long.

Our programmes are suitable for kids ages 5-14, with or without coding experience.

For kids with some coding experience, we strongly recommend that you write to us to discuss an appropriate juncture for your child to join the programme of their choice.

Our structured term-time programmes are ideal for kids who’ve expressed or demonstrated an interest in coding, and who would like to further explore and deepen their knowledge and application of programming with consistency throughout the year.

For parents who are uncertain about their child’s interest in coding, we suggest starting out with a holiday camp or contacting us to discuss a suitable option for your child.

At the moment, we are planning to go ahead with offline classes at our Nakameguro classroom.  However, when we deem it unsafe for kids to be out and about, we would immediately switch our classes to an online mode.  We would duly inform all the parents prior to the switch and hope you can understand we are acting with the kids best interest in mind.