Hi there, we're Saturday Kids!

We’re a coding school for kids. We teach programming, robotics, electronics and all things fun and techy.

We do this because we believe in learning through play – that by letting kids explore, build, tinker and dream, we give them a chance to understand their world and be excited about shaping their own future.

Our Courses

Saturdayland: Coding x English

Kickstart your journey into the creative world of programming and robotics, while learning to speak English clearly and confidently! A creative, immersive program that combines the best of our coding curriculum with the latest in English learning pedagogy.

Saturday Kids Core

Kids already fluent in English can jump right into our Saturday Kids Core program, featuring some of our most popular and proven coding classes. From block-based programming to robotics and creative computing, there’s something here to challenge and excite every kid.

Our Play Manifesto

Kids today are growing up in a uncertain, competitive world, with constant pressure to do well at school and to mature quickly. More than ever, we need to protect their right to play - to create a space in which kids can be:


Play lets kids bring their imagination to life, and allows them to express themselves in their own language.


Play enables kids to discover their passions, grow on their own terms, and define success for themselves.


Play allows kids to experiment and fail at low risk, strengthening them by encouraging a growth mindset.

When we let our kids play, we give them the chance to work on a better future for themselves.

Saturday Kids: A Space for Tech-Based Play

At Saturday Kids, we’ve created the ideal space for kids to learn through play. A space filled with:

  • Engaging, educational tools for building creatively with technology
  • Nurturing, inspiring instructors who seek to challenge each kid individually
  • Friends to exchange ideas, work through failures and celebrate successes with
  • Extensive parent resources, inviting you to be part of the journey

A space that combines the best learnings from our 8 years of teaching coding to kids.

By providing young people with opportunities to work on projects, based on their passions, in collaboration with peers, in a playful spirit, we can help them prepare for a world where creative thinking is more important than ever before.

- Mitch Resnick, creator of Scratch & Director of MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten

Courses Detail

Saturdayland: Coding x English

Coding & English beginners: Fall in love with both subjects, in an environment that encourages play, creativity and self-expression!

Saturdayland: Chibikko Tech

Pick up coding and English naturally through play - learn useful vocabulary with BeeBot, and storytelling through animation. With lots of songs and games along the way!

For Ages


Saturdayland: Build Your World

Our flagship Coding x English course. A multi-term program covering programming and robotics, while exploring the world of Saturdayland. Never thought you could code or speak English well? Get ready to be surprised!

For Ages


Saturdayland: Free & Easy

Bite-sized workshops introducing kids to the wonders of tech around them, each linked to a specific English theme. A great introduction to the learning power of Coding x English!

For Ages


Saturday Kids Core

Some of our most popular coding courses, for kids fluent in English. Learn important coding fundamentals and thinking skills, all while having a ton of fun!

Tiny Techies: Take off with BeeBot & Scratch Jr.!

You're never too young to code! Learn logic and sequencing with friendly BeeBot, then make your stories come to life by coding in Scratch Jr.!

For Ages


Start with Scratch: Adventures in Time

Learn the fundamentals of coding with Scratch - the world's most popular introductory programming language for kids - all while travelling through time and across civilisations!

For Ages


Marvelous Machines & Mechanisms

Get a solid introduction to the world of engineering through fun and creative building projects, then use code to light your robots up and get them moving!

For Ages



Our Classrooms


Main Classroom & Office

Impact HUB Tokyo
2 Chome-11-3 Meguro 〒153-0063


PALIS x Saturday Kids

Ebisu Garden Place
4 Chome-20-7 Ebisu 〒150-6018


Anchorstar Inc.

第1南桜ビル 6F
2 Chome−21−2 Nishishinbashi 〒105-0003 


Code Chrysalis x Saturday Kids

B2 Vort Moto-Azabu
3-1-35 Moto-Azabu 〒106-0046

Meet our kids & parents!

I have never seen my daughter being so enthusiastic, in learning that made her so happy!

Audrey, mother of Vernice

It's always the teachers, my kid loves all his Saturday Kids teachers! When kids are laughing and learning, it's the kind of learning one never forgets.

Ker Sing, father of Preston

Colin absolutely enjoyed the program. He came out of class with shining eyes and said he relished the challenge. Kudos to his teachers for doing a great job engaging him!

Lena, mother of Colin

My son looked forward to going to class and enjoyed his lessons tremendously. The sharing session at the end also enabled all parents to understand what the kids have learnt, especially for programming illiterate parents. Thank you!

Parent of Joash

What makes a Saturday Kid?

The world is changing, and we want our kids to grow up confident and eager to shape their future. We raise kids to be...


Whether it's learning about the latest technologies, grappling with real world challenges, or giving a presentation in English, a Saturday Kid is constantly trying new things. She sees the world as full of opportunities for her to grasp.


"What if...? Could I...? Why not try...?" A Saturday Kid is constantly joining the dots between her different learnings, testing her ideas and coming up with unexpected and amazing solutions. (Trust us, we have the projects to prove it!)

Unafraid to Fail

A Saturday Kid knows that you can't get things right all the time, and that failure is an important stepping stone to learning. She knows that, with determination and patience, she can always improve to achieve her goals!


A Saturday Kid dares to dream big, but she also knows the importance of careful planning. Whether it's prototyping her latest robot, or diligently sequencing her code, she knows that big achievements come from taking things one step at a time.

Collaborative & Inclusive

A Saturday Kid enjoys exchanging ideas and working with her friends and teachers. She appreciates different viewpoint and people's unique strengths. She ESPECIALLY believes that girls belong in tech as much as boys!

Seen us around?