Coding Workshops for kids to get excited about
the world of coding & all things tech!

At Saturday Kids, children come together to discover the wonders of tech through play and hands-on exploration.

With our play-based programming activities, kids discover their coding superpowers while embracing their creativity & natural curiosity.
All while being inspired to create a better future, one code at a time.

This Fall, join our coding workshops to explore the world of code, get tinkering with tech
& discover the possibilities of your coding superpowers 😉

Dates: 18 October to 30 October 2021
Format: Single Workshops (2 Hours)
Venue: Nakameguro Classroom


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Our coding workshops let kids experience the joys of coding,
all while inspiring them to create purposefully with tech🤩

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“My son was very happy with the lessons and he wants to learn more. I saw him able to learn in a fun way that interests him, I guess that’s most important.”


Perhaps you have questions...

Each workshop runs for 1 session of 2 hours.

Our workshops are suitable for kids ages 5-14, with or without coding experience.

For kids with some coding experience, we strongly recommend that you write to us to discuss an appropriate class for your child to join.

At the moment, we are planning to go ahead with offline workshops at our Nakameguro classroom.  However, when we deem it unsafe for kids to be out and about, we would immediately switch our workshops to an online mode if feasible.  We would duly inform all the parents prior to the switch and hope you can understand we are acting with the kids best interest in mind.