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Coding isn’t just about apps, websites, ones and zeroes. Combine your left and right brain to apply your coding skills creatively to create music, art, visualisations and be the star of your own show… at your debut as a Code DJ!

  • Understand a computer by assembling one
  • Get creative with computing by applying code to music, art & more
  • Kano computer & accessories provided for in-class use only
  • Start with Scratch recommended

All you need to know


What’s a Code DJ, you say? It’s someone who uses their knowledge of coding to make art, music and more!

Learn the tools of the trade needed to be a Code DJ

And what better way to learn that than by assembling a computer yourself. Take a look at the insides of a computer, understand how each component comes together & assemble it.

Turn some tables with code

Learn about sensors and computer inputs by turning your computer into a musical instrument you control.

Light it up!

Music’s just one part of the show. Be a showman, code a program that generates your own visual effects that dance to the rhythm of your code.

Make your own poster

Every show needs a crowd & every DJ needs a poster. Use code to make your own interactive poster to let friends, families know about your big debut.


Put everything together for your Code DJ debut!

At the end, walk away with the understanding programming isn’t just for software engineers, app developers… Even if you’re a musician (or by extension, any profession!), code can help you to see the world in a different light: A world that can be programmed!

Oh! The stuff you'll learn

  • Understand the components of what makes a computer
  • Navigate the computer with the command line
  • Get introduced to inputs: Motion Sensor
  • Learn about LEDs & the Kano Pixel Kit
  • Draw & create your own interactive poster with code
  • Practical & creative applications of programming
  • Presentation time: On your last day, share with your parents what you’ve learnt!

Life skills you'll learn

Design Thinking
Logical Thinking
Problem Solving
Presentation Skills

Course Details

Recommended Age Group 7-9
Lesson Schedule Holiday Season Limited Program: Mon-Fri 5 days x 3h15min/day 
Program Fee ¥48,000 (before tax)
*10% discount for Tokyo Mothers’ Group members

*Maximum of 6 students per class


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. My child is younger than 7, can he/she join this course?

It is recommended that your child try their hand at one of our courses that is aimed at the 5 to 6 age group.


2. My child has not taken Start with Scratch: Adventures in Time. Can he/she join this course?

It is highly recommended that the child has prior background in block based programming.