Saturdayland Strawbees (Offline)

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Course Format


(Offline Weekly) 1.5 hours X 10 weeks
(Offline Camp) 3 hours 15 mins X 5 days


About 15 hours

Age Group


Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

Suitable for Beginners


45,000 yen

Course Summary

Welcome to Saturdayland! In this course, you’ve been newly appointed as the town’s mayor, and your first task is to name and understand the different elements that make up a city.

Starting from home, first we’ll have different themes weekly as we learn about vocabulary – the names of different household objects, different types of housing and interesting places in your neighbourhood. On top of that, we’ll also practise holding conversations using the new words you’ll learn.

As we build up the English vocabulary in your toolbox, use your special powers as mayor to create new stories and adventures for your constituents in Saturdayland – using Strawbees! Learn about the principles of shape and building to recreate your favourite landmarks in your neighbourhood.

This beginner-friendly course is designed for kids to understand basic concepts in coding robotics, all while getting them confident and comfortable conversing in English. Via immersion in an English-speaking environment, the practice of communicating in English with their instructors and classmates will develop their ability and confidence to use the language beyond the classroom.



Point 1

Introduce kids to the basics of coding and robotics as they build and programme their own robotic structures



Point 2

Using Strawbees, we start with building the different elements in a house, for e.g. furniture and slowly venture out to the different landmarks and sightings within the neighborhood, for e.g. swings, seesaw, insects, etc.  As the kids build the infrastructures, we also incorporated English vocabulary enabling them to name and describe what they have built.




Point 3

Develop confidence and conversational skills in English through classroom conversational activities and presenting your own Strawbees creations

What You'll Learn

The Saturdayland experience is anchored around kids learning about coding, robotics, and English in a fun and inspiring way!

Our course is also the perfect course to start kids off in their English and coding journeys.  There is no experience needed and also easily comprehensible by parents who want to be learning partners with their kids.

In this module of Saturdayland, kids will learn to conduct simple conversations in English based on the theme of home and neighbourhood. While gaining the knowledge and vocabulary to describe and converse about their home, neighbourhood and city, they’ll also learn to construct sentences in English to convey their interests and intentions, so that kids will be able to understand and participate actively in conversations beyond the classroom. 

While the kids explore and express their creativity tinkering with Strawbees, they will also learn English simultaneously as the instructor encourages them to describe and explain, in English, their work to the class.

What You'll Create

  • A house, playground and more
  • Structures combined with LED light
  • Structures combined with Servo motor

Through hands-on building and programming with Strawbees, kids will reimagine and recreate elements from their environment. For example…

  • Houses, furniture, playground sightings and fixtures
  • Making robots with Servo motors and proceeding to a robot race to test out 
  • Simulate umbrellas using the motors
  • Making  and bringing to life animals in the zoo via programming with Quirkbot, LED lights, and Servo motors! 

Having understood the fundamentals of coding and robotics, by the end of this course, you’ll be able to (build robots that light up and move according to the code you’ve chosen!

Sample Lesson Flow



Part 1

Ice breaker/Warm up activity

Quick recap of previous lesson





Part 2

Introduction to today’s activity

Introduction to the theme of coding tasks and English vocabulary for the day
Practice English with a worksheet



Part 3

With Strawbees, build objects inspired by the theme of the day!



Part 4

Present what you’ve created to your class in English, using the new words you’ve learned!



Part 5

Recap what we learned for the lesson

“At SK, we're all about helping kids explore their creativity and to help them express it. These classes will not make them English experts but we look to expand the kids readiness to learn by encouraging communications in English and not fearing mistakes while speaking. Trial and error is an essential component when learning to communicate in English.”

Ainaa Sakinah, lead instructor for Saturdayland

What Comes After

Saturdayland Scratch (※ being able to read helps with learning the code blocks)

Saturdayland Scratch The Strawbees class is intended as an introductory class in Saturdayland’s approach to English and Coding. In our lessons, we will be introducing the basics of English conversation as well as giving the kids a sneak peak into the possibilities of coding and robotics. As we take one step deeper, we will be learning more complex vocabulary as well as taking a step into block based programming, with Scratch. The foundation of English and coding set by Saturdayland Strawbees will actually enable the kids to gain more in this next series.