Saturdayland Scratch (Offline)

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Course Format


(Offline Weekly) 1.5 hours X 10 weeks
(Offline Camp) 3 hours 15 mins X 5 days


15 hours

Age Group


Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

Beginners (being able to read helps with reading the code blocks)


45,000 yen

Course Summary

In this course for Saturdayland, kids will play the role of the director of Studioland, a location/subset of Saturdayland.

Here at Studioland, kids will create their own stories and adventures through code. They will learn how to use Scratch as their creative studio and learn the fundamental basics for creating projects on Scratch.

Along the way, they will learn English phrases and vocabulary that are commonly used in Scratch and in turn showed how these words can also be used in day to day English. Students and instructors will work closely in English, discussing their plans for their projects, communicating what they want to build and finally sharing the creation with their friends.

In Saturdayland, our students would be exposed to continuous stimulus that can help them improve their English vocabulary and also confidence to use the language.



Learn how to build your own game



Communicate with the instructor to build your game and share with your friends what your game is



Have a blast figuring out the coding tasks

What You'll Learn

  • Learn English by doing – Listen and use everything we know to complete the coding tasks
  • Recap by speaking about what we made for the day
  • Communicate with instructors about the project you want to create

Programming Skills

  • Introduction to Scratch & its interface
  • Code a character and move it around
  • Sequences, loops and events
  • Increase complexity with Conditions and Variables
  • Add timers, life counters and scores
  • Broadcast messages
  • Test and debug using logic and systematic reasoning


  • Learn to understand English through completing the coding tasks.
  • Learn new vocabulary and talk about projects we created for each day
  • Use coding concepts to explore English conversations.
  • Task-based learning – Learn English by communicating with instructors and getting frequent exposure to vocabularies needed to complete tasks.

What You'll Create

  • A clicker game
  • Maze game
  • Your own project consisting of a game or a story using the coding concepts learned

Sample Lesson Flow



Ice breaker/Warm up



Intro to today’s activity -intro to theme of coding tasks + learning the English vocabulary needed to complete the tasks. Practice English with a worksheet



Learn by coding!



Sharing and talking about what we made



Recap what we learned!

“At SK, we're all about helping kids explore their creativity and to help them express it. The activities are made to be fun for the kids and we help to find their voice by encouraging to try communicating with us with everything they know.”

Ainaa Sakinah, lead instructor for Saturdayland

What Comes After

Stay tuned for the next course in Saturdayland!