Saturdayland Free & Easy: Jingle Bell Jam Session with Electronic Circuits

Saturdayland Free & Easy: Jingle Bell Jam Session with Electronic Circuits

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One time workshop


2 hours

Age Group

7-14 (Grades 2-8)

Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

Suitable for Beginners to Eiken Level 3

Course Summary

We bet you’ve never heard Christmas carols played this way before… Connect everyday fruits to the computer using circuits, then sync your actions to the music and rock out! Inspired by popular video game Guitar Hero, our Jingle Bell Jam session uses colourful fruits, alligator clips and simple wires to create a playable music rhythm game. A great introduction to circuitry, creative computing, and a glimpse into how technology and music can come together.

Our English themes for this workshop: colours, and fruits and vegetables! From yellow bananas to red apples and green cucumbers – learning English has never been so memorable (or delicious)!



Introduction to Circuits

How can fruits and vegetables be used as controllers? Kids learn the science behind electronic circuits: about loops and flow, and conductive and insulative materials. Learn more about the circuits around us – how many can you spot?



Creative Technology & Game Design

Ever wondered how your favourite arcade game works? Explore some of the basic principles behind popular rhythm games, then get hands on in assembling your own fruit and vegetable controllers!



Practice English in a fun, immersive environment

Yellow banana, red apple, green cucumber – press the right object to hit the right notes! A fun way to remember all your colours, and the names of fruits and vegetables… and rock out with friends in a fruit music battle!

What You'll Learn

The road to being an expert programmer is long, but it can start out fun!

For kids interested in robotics and programming, start here from ground zero by learning about the circuits that power both robots and computers.

  • Introduction to circuits and electricity
  • Get hands on in assembling your own working electrical circuit
  • Game mechanics: learn the principles behind popular arcade games
  • English: practice naming your fruits and colours

What You'll Create

Kids – build your own fully functional electrical circuits using wires, clips.. and fruits? Connect them to the computer to make a working rhythm game and play your favourite Christmas carols!

Once you’ve mastered the Jingle Bell Jam, think of how else you can apply your circuits to control the technology around you. Who knows, maybe you’ll invent the next hit arcade game!

Sample Lesson Flow




  • Greetings



Today’s English

  • Introduction to this week’s target English through flashcards, videos and stories
  • Practice listening and speaking with level-specific worksheet



Coding Time!

  • Introduction to this week’s coding concepts
  • Build, code and experiment!




  • Review and sharing of this week’s coding and English
  • Creative exercise
  • Continue the learning at home, with videos and (optional) parent-child activities!

Instructor Voice

“At Saturday Kids, we’ve seen how quickly kids learn when they are playing. In this workshop, we wanted to take play to the next level - by making kids active creators of their game, and by inspiring them to see how music and technology can come together creatively! It’s a great way to get them excited about the possibilities of technology and programming! ”

Ainaa Sakinah, Instructor

What Comes After

Make the most of your holidays! Jingle Bell Jam Session with Circuits is one of our three specially themed winter workshops. Why not join us also for Build Your Robot Reindeer with Strawbees and Help Santa Find His Way with Sphero!? Each 2-hour workshop covers different coding skills and English themes – create your own Christmas combination!

Keep the fun and learning going! Kids looking for more of our Coding x English classes can also join our Saturdayland: Build Your World with Coding and English program, consisting of regular weekly 90 minute classes. Build more complex robots with Strawbees, and learn the important concepts behind Scratch – the world’s most popular introductory coding language for kids. Later lessons in the Saturdayland series will cover micro:bit, creative computing, advanced Scratch… and much more!

Kids who graduate from the Saturdayland program will be:

  • Well versed in intermediate to advanced block-based programming
  • Familiar with the basics of electronics, robotics and making
  • Able to understand and speak English more naturally, at a level above their peers
  • A joyful English learner, seeing English as fun, easy to learn and relevant to everyday life