Saturdayland Free & Easy: Help Santa Find the Way with Sphero!

Saturdayland Free & Easy: Help Santa Find the Way with Sphero!

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One time workshop


2 hours

Age Group

7-14 (Grades 2-8)

Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

Suitable for Beginners to Eiken Level 3

Course Summary

Ever struggle with everyday directions in English – words like “right”, “left”, “forwards” and “backwards”? Or to figure out Google Maps’ instructions to get you to your destination?

In this workshop, kids learn the science and English of navigation, as they guide Santa’s sleigh (little robot Sphero) around the world to deliver presents to all the good children. Figure out how to get to your destinations quickly, while avoiding tricky obstacles… then communicate your route clearly and accurately to the little robot!



Introduction to Programming

Kids are introduced the basics of computational thinking, and learn how the right commands and sequences lead to consistent, predictable outcomes. Now can you get your Sphero Santa to his destination safely?



The Coding Behind Real World Technology

Giving and understanding directions to a computer plays a part in so much of our everyday technology. As we enter a future of self-driving cars, learn about the history of communication, how it has evolved with technology, and imagine what might come next!



Practice English in a fun, immersive environment

English is easy to pick up when you learn it in a relevant context! Learn from our friendly and supportive instructors, and use the day’s vocabulary to share your ideas and improve your project!

What You'll Learn

The road to being an expert programmer is long, but it can start out fun!

For kids (and parents) wondering what programming is about, this bite-sized 2 hour workshop is a great introduction to robotics and the power of programming.

  • Introduction to programming: how do robots understand humans?
  • Logic and sequencing: put your code in the correct order
  • Tangible programming: how does code control a robot’s movements?
  • The English of navigation: words related to everyday directions

What You'll Create

In this workshop, designed to give kids an exposure to interactive technology, kids meet Sphero Mini, a ping-pong ball sized robot that contains a gyroscope, accelerometer and LED lights. With a multitude of ways to control its movements – from block-based programming to touch screen and even facial recognition – kids learn how the ways in which we communicate with computers has evolved over time.

It’s not all fun and games though (actually yes it is)! When it comes to programming, the slightest mistakes in your commands can make a huge difference to what the computer does. Take up the challenge, and help plot Santa’s route so that every kid gets their presents by Christmas morning!

Sample Lesson Flow




  • Greetings



Today’s English

  • Introduction to this week’s target English through flashcards, videos and stories
  • Practice listening and speaking with level-specific worksheet



Coding Time!

  • Introduction to this week’s coding concepts
  • Build, code and experiment!




  • Review and sharing of this week’s coding and English
  • Creative exercise
  • Continue the learning at home, with videos and (optional) parent-child activities!

Instructor Voice

“When we started using Sphero in our classes, it was love at first sight! Kids love being able to interact with technology, especially a moving, pocket-sized one like Sphero. Parents, if you’ve ever felt that your child has trouble concentrating when it comes to problem solving, you’ll be amazed at how much they are able to challenge themselves in a workshop like this! ”

Fongyee Ng, Lead Instructor

What Comes After

Make the most of your holidays! Help Santa Find His Way with Sphero! is one of our three specially themed winter workshops. Why not also join us for Build Your Robot Reindeer with Strawbees and Jingle Bell Jam Session with Circuits? Each 2-hour workshop covers different coding skills and English themes – create your own Christmas combination!

Keep the fun and learning going! Kids looking for more of our Coding x English classes can also join our Saturdayland: Build Your World with Coding and English program, consisting of regular weekly 90 minute classes. Build more complex robots with Strawbees, and learn the important concepts behind Scratch – the world’s most popular introductory coding language for kids. Later lessons in the Saturdayland series will cover micro:bit, creative computing, advanced Scratch… and much more!

Kids who graduate from the Saturdayland program will be:

  • Well versed in intermediate to advanced block-based programming
  • Familiar with the basics of electronics, robotics and making
  • Able to understand and speak English more naturally, at a level above their peers
  • A joyful English learner, seeing English as fun, easy to learn and relevant to everyday life