Saturdayland Explorer Sprouts Module 1

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Course Format


Weekly Class - 16 weeks, 1 hour per lesson


16 hours

Age Group


Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

Suitable for Beginners


45,000 yen

Course Summary

Are you excited by the prospects of your chid being able to code and communicate effectively in English at the same time? At Saturday Kids, that is something that we can help kids fulfill, with our curriculum Saturdayland.

In this beginners course for ages 7-10, we would attempt to start our Japanese speakers to be familiar to the notion of being in an all English environment, to be comfortable with taking instructions, asking questions as well as communicate their thoughts and intentions, all in English. Coding concepts are also being taught at the same time, enabling them to make the connection of the English words and their corresponding actions.

At the end of the day, our aim is to get them creative with code and discover the wonders of tech – inventing the future starts right here.



Gain the ability to read through the introduction through the use of phonics.



Learn basic block based programming skills with Scratch involving concepts such as event, coordinates, loop, clone and conditionals.



Practice storytelling with acquired words and coding ability with the use of infrastructure in Saturdayland such as SaturdayLand Park and Nature Park etc.

What You'll Learn

  • For learning English, students should be able to:
    • Get used to understand instructions and ask questions in English
    • Learn basic greetings in English
    • Express their emotion, thoughts and intentions
    • Read and pronounce sounds of letters and simple words

    For learning how to code, students should be able to:

    • Describe what is block based programming and the importance of sequencing
    • Plan sets of movements in order to complete tasks. This would include directions, e.g. forward, backward, left, right or using simple coordinates to execute a sequence of movements through the use of event, coordinates, loop, clone and conditionals.
    • Test and debug programmed instructions
    • Understand how (advanced) codes function and use them to create animations
    • Apply simplified design thinking techniques in creating an animated solution for problems identified

What You'll Create

For English:

The basic to learning a new language is through confidence and also lots of practice, especially for those who are older and only starting to learn the language. Immersing these 7-10 years old in an english speaking environment will only help build their confidence and also give them the chance to put what they have learnt immediately into good use.

The focus in module 1 would be: everyday survival phrases, phonics, 80 words to describe feelings, body, nature, numbers and colors

These English words will be matched with the coding lesson so as to put what they have learnt into perspective.

For Coding:

The coding for this module is done mostly through Scratch. Introducing Scratch, a visual programming language created specifically for kids. It’s a block-based programming language where kids learn to code through a simple drag-and-drop visual interface, lowering the barriers to learning for kids who aren’t yet proficient with using a keyboard.

So basically, Scratch is all the fun of coding with none of the hassle of typing!

With just a foundational understanding of Scratch, you can learn how to create your own games, animations, stories, quizzes… with coding superpowers, your imagination’s the limit!

In this module, kids would learn the specifics to coding in Scratch, such as event, coordinates, loop, clone and conditionals. In all of Saturday Kids courses, our learning objective would go beyond just understanding the principles of coding to the application of what they have learnt. Projects to help the kids practice would include designing and animating SaturdayLand Park, Nature park or Free-style by picking your own theme.

Get creative with animations

Create interactive simulations like this moving forest.  Or just go all out and clone your sprite and have them dance around on the screen. With basic programming skills and knowledge, you can try create whatever you want, or figure out what you need to code up what you want!


“At SK, we're all about helping kids explore their creativity and to help them express it. The activities are made to be fun for the kids and we help to find their voice by encouraging to try communicating with us with everything they know.”

Ainaa Sakinah, lead instructor for Saturdayland

What Comes After

Saturdayland Explorer Beans is a 4 module program that can inspire and motivate kids into becoming better thinkers and English speakers.