Saturdayland: Build Your World with Coding x English!

Saturdayland: Build Your World with Coding x English!

Weekly classes starting Jan 2020! Click below to view locations and schedules.

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12 lessons x 90 mins

Age Group

7-14 (Grades 2-8)

Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

Suitable for Beginners to Eiken Level 3

Course Summary

Kickstart your journey into the creative world of robotics, while learning to speak clear and confident English!

Come and join us on a journey of exploration, curiosity and creativity!

Welcome to Saturdayland, an exciting, ever-growing world where people and robots live, work, play and explore together!

Here in Saturdayland, citizens go about their days creating with technology and speaking in clear, natural English. The more they create and the more they communicate, the larger Saturdayland grows!

The key to their success? A unique culture that emphasizes curiosity and creativity, and that encourages trying new things and not being afraid of making mistakes! It’s because of this culture that Saturdayland has earned the nickname “Playground for the Future”, and constantly ranks #1 in Citizen Happiness Rankings! 

Saturdayland isn’t just a place to visit, it’s a world that YOU can build too, with the power of coding and English!



Learn coding and English at the same time!

Every week’s coding project is set in a different part of Saturdayland, from your home to the park to the movie theatre. Kids learn English related to these locations and everyday life, and also practice expressing their ideas in natural spoken English, making English relevant, fun and memorable.



Perfect for beginners!

Start coding offline by building with Strawbees, before moving on to screen-based programming. And while classes are in English, our instructors are also fluent in Japanese, making your child’s transition to an immersive English environment gentle and worry-free.



Creative, play based learning

Saturdayland is fun, creative world that encourages kids to not be afraid to make mistakes. Give your kids a break from the pressures of school, and be surprised at how quickly they pick up both coding and English, when they learn joyfully and actively!

What You'll Learn

The Saturdayland: Build Your World with Coding x English series begins with Welcome to Saturdayville! with Strawbees.

In this 12-week series, kids learn to use Strawbees connectors and straws to build 3D shapes and structures – beginning with simple pyramids and cubes, then moving on to increasingly complex swings, bridges and buildings – as they design and create their very own Saturdayland!

At the same time, we’ll get started on the basics of coding, using Quirkbot and the Strawbees block-based programming interface. Code motors to rotate and LED lights to blink… and watch Saturdayland come alive before your very eyes!

We’ll also get to know the people and places of Saturdayland. What goes on in your Saturdayland home? Who are the friends we meet at the playground? What happens at the neighbourhood clinic – and what’s on sale at the Saturdayland supermarket today? 

From greetings to storytelling, Saturdayland is the perfect setting for developing confidence in spoken English, and for encouraging kids to express their ideas and ask questions.

“Being able to express my ideas in English makes me more confident!”

“Learning English helps me code more, and better!”

“In both programming and English, it’s fine to make mistakes – that’s how we learn!”

“Kids learn better through play!”

What You'll Create

In this introductory module, kids begin their coding and robotics journey by learning the basics of engineering. Can you build a structure that is strong and stable? How about one that keeps its balance even as it moves? Once  you’ve got that nailed down, then move on to programming, adding LED lights and motors to make your creations come to life

In the home:
Break down everyday objects into 3D shapes using simple straws and connectors

At the playground:
Learn about angles, rotation and stability as you create swings, see-saws and roundabouts

At the park:
Build an insect, then program a microcontroller to make your insect eyes and wings light up

At the theatre:
Be the star of your own wearable tech performance, as you program interactive, colour changing hats and clothing

In School:
Add motors to your structure, and create your own mechanical timetable reader

Sample Lesson Flow




  • Greetings: Recap of previous lesson (group game)



This week’s English

  • Introduction to this week’s target English through flashcards, videos and stories
  • Practice listening and speaking with level-specific worksheet



Coding Time!

  • Introduction to this week’s coding concepts
  • Build, code and experiment!




  • Review and sharing of this week’s coding and English
  • Creative exercise
  • Continue the learning at home, with videos and (optional) parent-child activities!

Instructor Voice

“In Saturdayland, we want to make English fun, relatable and stress-free. Kids are encouraged to try new things, and to work on coding projects they feel passionate about. This way, they naturally develop confidence and enthusiasm in English. Come join us in this new approach to learning English!”

Michael Brown, Program Manager

What Comes After

When it comes to building your world with coding and English, the possibilities are endless! Later lessons in the Saturdayland series will cover micro:bit, creative computing, advanced Scratch… and much more!

You’ll also be able to take part in Saturdayland: Free & Easy holiday camps and workshops, such as Saturdayland: Build Your Robot Reindeer , Saturdayland: Jingle Jam Session with Electronic Circuits and Saturdayland: Help Santa Find His Way with Sphero! Featuring seasonal projects of various difficulty levels, there are workshops to excite and challenge any Saturdayland student. Click here for our 2019 Winter Workshop schedule.

Kids who graduate from the Saturdayland program will be:

  • Well versed in intermediate to advanced block-based programming
  • Familiar with the basics of electronics, robotics and making
  • Able to understand and speak English more naturally, at a level above their peers
  • A joyful English learner, seeing English as fun, easy to learn and relevant to everyday life

Start your Saturdayland journey today! Check our schedule for classes near you, and sign up easily using Peatix!