Sakura Playroom Nakameguro

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Course Format


Workshop held in our Nakameguro classroom


2 hours per session

Age Group

6-12 years old

Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

None required


2000 yen (before tax)

Course Summary

Sakura season is the best season to be out and enjoying the blooms but we understand it can be hard to enjoy with kids in tow.

How about the opportunity to let your kids have some coding fun for 2 hours while you enjoy the flowers?

At Saturday kids, we believe in play because play is the best way to learn.  We opened up playroom for families to understand the power of play and how coding can help your kids build a better future for themselves.  Playroom is an environment we designed, with appropriate guidance and materials, where your kids can experiment with coding tools.  What we truly want is for your kids to see for themselves where their imagination and curiosity can take them.


Just come with an open mind and see where play can lead you!




Working with Strawbees and Spheros to enjoy the blooms

A series of hands on coding and robot making leading into creative experimentation and games to enable kids to have memorable fun while the parents enjoy the blooms.

What You'll Learn

Kids can learn a lot just by interacting with their immediate environment.  The sights, the smells and how things interact with each other all gives kids a hint of how the world around them works and help them make sense of logic and science.

In this special event during the Sakura season, we want to use this opportunity to enable kids to enjoy the blooms in an alternate way, via coding, robotics and art.

At Saturday Kids we emphasize a lot on the application of coding knowledge.  The provision of a Sakura theme will enable participants to work around the theme to express how they see the world of Sakura.  We will be providing the materials and tools that the kids would need to flesh out their creative ideas and our instructors will be around to facilitate and help kids when they run into problems or have any questions.

This 2 hour workshop is not a class but we can ensure your kids will be happy occupied while you enjoy the flowers.