Race Your Robots – Fast and Furious Strawbees Crawlers

Race Your Robots – Fast and Furious Strawbees Crawlers

This course will be held over multiple dates – please select the dates which are best for you.


One time workshop


90 mins

Age Group


Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

Suitable for Beginners to Eiken Level 3

Course Summary

Join us for a fun, hands-on workshop, where you’ll build your very own robot that can crawl! Learn about microcontrollers and servo motors, and understand how small changes in code make your robot speed along, slow down, or stop altogether.

Along the way, we’ll learn English words related to travel and speed: words like “pyramid” and “tetrahedron”, “robot” and “race”, “slow” and “fast”, and how these apply in the context of movement today!



Discover the world of programming and robotics

Combine straws and connectors to make your very own 3D robot crawler. Then power it up with the Quirkbot microcontroller and a servo motor with a moving leg to get your robot’ racing around the room with your new friends!



Tinker and experiment for different outcomes

You’ve attached the servo motor and robot ‘leg’, but what happens if you change the angle and speed of movement? Can you make your robot go faster – or stop it from falling over? Learn and apply basic physics, and get a taste of the fun of experimenting with code!



Practice English in a fun, immersive environment

Learning English is easy when you learn it in a relevant context. Practice with our friendly and supportive instructors, and apply your new vocabulary to express your ideas and tell everyone about your awesome robot!

What You'll Learn

The road to mastering programming is long, but adventure awaits at every corner! For kids and parents curious about programming, this bite-sized 90 mins workshop offers a fun, hands-on introduction to robotics and the power of programming. Here’s just some of what kids will learn:

  • Introductory robotics: Create 3D geometric structures using your imagination, creativity and resourcefulness
  • How to code using a block-based programming language: Pick up basic programming concepts and understand how to apply code to control a robot’s movements
  • English you can use in everyday life: Learn and practice English words related to movement with fun and encouraging instructors!

What You'll Create

In this beginner-friendly workshop, we’ll be building with Strawbees, voted “Forbes & Fast Company’s Educational Toy for Problem Solvers of the Future”. Think of how a robot is built and moves, then use different shaped Strawbee connectors to snap together straws of various lengths to create your very own Strawbees robot crawler.

Then it’s time to get moving by attaching a Quirkbot microcontroller and servo motor. You’ll understand how code controls the movements of the motor, then figure out the combination you need to make your robot go fast and furious!

Next, it’s time for creative experimentation! Decorate your robot with LED lights or art and craft accents… or take it apart to make a moving creature of your own imagination. The possibilities are endless!

Note: Strawbees and Quirkbots are provided for in-workshop use only. For kids wishing to continue with Strawbees at home, a limited number of Strawbees Coding & Robotics Kits will be available for purchase at the workshop.

Sample Lesson Flow




  • Greetings
  • Introduction to thematic target English through flashcards, videos and stories
  • Practice listening and speaking with level-specific worksheet




Coding and Tinkering Time!

  • Introduction to thematic coding concepts
  • Build, code and experiment!



Sharing and Wrap-up!

  • Review and sharing of the coding and English you learned
  • Creative exercise 
  • Continue the learning at home, with videos and (optional) parent-child activities!

“Apply your creativity to build and code your own robot that can walk, run, crawl, jump, and more! Discover how code makes all the difference to the way we move in the world today, and take away the excitement of combining different skills and knowledge into a fun, tangible end product and that makes kids even more curious about how the world around them works.”

Tsuyoshi Domoto, Saturday Kids Japan

What Comes After

Make the most of your holidays! Race Your Robots: Fast and Furious Strawbees Crawlers gets kids excited about the world of coding, robotics, engineering and English – and complements our other 2-hour workshops – Sphero Super(post)man: Deliver the Mail, Save the Day! and Rock Out With Banana Guitar Hero – which cover different aspects of coding and thematic English vocabulary!

Keep the fun and learning going! Kids hungry for another dose of our fun-packed creative coding workshops can also join our Saturdayland: Build Your World with Coding and English program which consist of regular weekly 90 minute classes. Build more complex structures with Strawbees, and learn the important concepts behind Scratch – the world’s most popular introductory coding language for kids. Later lessons in the Saturdayland series will cover micro:bit, creative computing, advanced Scratch… and much more!

Kids who graduate from the Saturdayland program will be:

  • Well versed in intermediate to advanced block-based programming
  • Familiar with the basics of electronics, robotics and making
  • Able to understand and speak English more naturally, at a level above their peers
  • A joyful English learner, seeing English as fun, easy to learn and relevant to everyday life