Preschool Robotics with LEGO

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Course Format


Holiday Camp


2 weeks

Age Group


Coding Level


English Level


Course Summary

In our first preschool robotics course, students will be working together with a partner to build and construct various structures and mechanisms.

We will be exploring and building 3 main themes: Animals & Habitats, Human Environment and Space Exploration.

Throughout the 5 days, we will be building interesting robots and structures like robotic animals, floodgates. We’ll also be learning to incorporate sensors to build a Mars rover!

At the end of the course, students will be tasked to identify the best solution for a given real world issue. This helps reinforce their newfound building skills in a realistic manner.

There are no wrong solutions, instead students are encouraged to question and justify their choices, then present their final builds! Let’s celebrate all kinds of innovation through LEGO!



Courses Skills

Game Design

Presentations Skills

Logical Thinking

Problem Solving

What You'll Learn

Code, create and construct with Lego! In this course, preschoolers get to combine block-based programming with Lego and build animals, structures and more.

  • Understanding of motors and gears in everyday life.
  • Importance of communication and collaboration as this course requires them to work in pairs.
  • Combining software (LEGO Education app) and hardware to bring their creations to life.
  • Identify solutions to real world problems.