Playroom Nakameguro

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Apologies to inform that we will be closing our Playroom during the State of Emergency. We will be resuming Playroom following the end of  the state of Emergency.  Please stay tuned and come play! Thank you.

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Course Format


Every Wednesday


From 3pm-5pm (a full 2 hour participation is not mandatory)

Age Group


Coding Level

Suitable for Beginners

English Level

None required

Course Summary

At Saturday kids, we believe in play because play is the best way to learn.  We opened up playroom for families to understand the power of play and how coding can help your kids build a better future for themselves.  Playroom is an environment we designed, with appropriate guidance and materials, where your kids can experiment with coding tools.  What we truly want is for your kids to see for themselves where their imagination and curiosity can take them.

The Playroom is beyond just spontaneous play, it is an experience that is only achievable in the environment we have designed.



Buildings in the City

Using Strawbees to recreate things we see in our city everyday.

From City> Buildings (architecture)> Transport> Furniture> Wearables.









What You'll Learn

Our intentions are to let kids experience constructive play via observing how things work in their surroundings.

For the premiere theme, we have chosen Play in the city to enable kids to mimic things they see and feel around them.  So in the play sessions, we would inspire kids to:

  1. Explore various 3D structures and mechanisms
  2. Experiment with servo motors and robots
  3. Build your own creative project with Strawbees!