Classroom Safety and Health Precautions during COVID-19

Our classrooms are re-opening for some hands-on learning and tinkering this school holiday, with precautionary measures to protect kids, instructors, and the larger community.
Read more below to learn about the changes we’re making to keep our classrooms and community safe:
  • Pre-class screening:
    Everyone entering our classrooms – including kids, instructors, and coordinators – must have their temperatures taken, fill out a travel declaration form, and check-in via SafeEntry. Anyone whose temperature exceeds the healthy limit of 37.5°c or who has not completed their mandatory stay-home notice post-travel will not be allowed in our premises.
  • Smaller class sizes:
    Classes will be capped at a maximum of 6 students, with a 1:6 instructor:student ratio.
  • Social distancing in class:
    Classrooms will be reconfigured to ensure at least 1m of distance in between each individual.
  • Masking up:
    As per global safety precautions, kids, instructors, and coordinators are mandated to wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth at all times, except when eating or drinking. Kids under the age of 12 or persons with health conditions that may be complicated or triggered by prolonged mask-wearing may opt to use a face-shield in lieu of a face mask.
  • Eating and drinking in class:
    Due to COVID-19, eating and drinking is no longer allowed at some of our locations. Please check with instructor for more details.
  • Regular disinfection:
    Equipment and surfaces will be disinfected in between each class.
Questions, concerns, or suggestions?
Email us at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you. See you this summer!