Change the way you see the world with code.

So many things around us have changed in the past few months. One thing we have learnt is not to take anything for granted, whether it is the well-being or happiness of our loved ones, especially during these turbulent times.

With our kids finally going back to school, we are also starting to realize that they may need more than what the schools can offer. Through the COVID period, we have also seen how tech and awareness is making a difference in our lives, now more than ever. From tech-driven healthcare solutions, to helping us connect with our loved ones or receiving news from outside of Japan – we’re all experiencing the impact of code and English on our lives.

To get our kids ready for their future, why not start now? This Summer, Saturday Kids will offer coding and English both online and also in our physical classrooms, where your kids can pick up both coding and English skills, explore their curiosities and learn how they might use code to change their perspective and make a real change in the world.

Classes Available for Booking Now!

Offline CampsOnline Camps
Format5 days x 3hrs 15 mins8 days x 2 hours
(Introductory offer)
LocationMeguro, Roppongi, Jyugaoka and Shibuyavia Zoom (Due to system requirements of the programs, there is a no iPad policy for our online classes)

Please refer to our Saturday Kids COVID-19 policies in our terms and conditions page.


A quick tour in a Saturdayland classroom

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