Saturday Kids is Singapore's first and most popular coding school for kids.

Our mission is to use digital literacy classes to transform kids into self-motivated learners who are curious, inventive & resourceful.

Since 2012, we have taught over 5,000 kids how to "code to learn", through classes in programming, electronics, digital art and design thinking.

In March 2019, we opened our doors in Tokyo, bringing some of our most popular courses to kids in Japan for the first time.

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Why Coding for Kids?

Challenge is a constant

"It's fine to fail, but just don't bail"

In coding, making mistakes is part of the learning process. We provide a positive environment for kids to test out ideas, "debug" and try again, until they get to the solution they are looking for. We think this is a pretty useful life skill, don't you?

Failure is reframed as iteration

Kids learn better when they are having fun

Our goal is to make learning fun again, so that kids enjoy the process of learning, rather than being focused on outcomes. When kids enjoy learning, they become self-motivated, unlocking passion and potential beyond what we as parents and educators can imagine.

Feedback is immediate and ongoing

Learn to code, code to learn

In our increasingly technology driven world, coding is a great way to get kids curious about the things around them. How do computers work? How was their favourite game made? Coding opens doors for kids to be creators, not just consumers.